Friday, November 5, 2010

Busy busy busy

So I'm still considering myself to be a new blogger...which means it has not become a habit to me and often gets pushed aside behind the bajillion other things I'm trying to get done in a short amount of time. Life. Is. Busy. Gah. Stresses me out. I've taken on a few too many things lately and a lot of my other pastimes are getting pushed aside. Like reading. I was finalllllly convinced to read the Harry Potter books. I thought the whole wizarding thing was stupid...but then I started reading the books. And I will reluctantly admit that I do love them. A lot. It's been a fun way to relax in the evenings. But, as mentioned, even that has been pushed aside.

So, catching up. Eli got yet another ear infection. So we're getting to the hospital BY 6:30am (yikes!) in a few days to get some tubes. I am anxious to see how much change will occur after the surgery. I have questioned before whether his hearing has been affected from the constant fluid. I don't think he has any type of a speech issue, but he does pronounce some things a little differently...and I wonder if that will be changed as well.

My sister had her third baby this past week as well! I am jealous of her little babies. They always come out looking like perfect little baby dolls. Not a trace of the "newborn look" to them. Our little peanut came out with a giant conehead, squished face, funny color, one eye open one eye shut, purple lips. The kid was absolutely adorable to me, but he also had that "newborn look". But I did change my new nephew's diaper yesterday. It's been a few years since I've even so much as held a newborn. But holy crap, changing his diaper was so foreign to me. His teeny legs and wiggling body. I felt like I had never done that before. But it did make me feel even more excited to think about baby #2! :)

Alright, out of time for today!

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