Thursday, July 14, 2011

Catching up!

I could probably start every one of my blog posts with "well it's been way too long". So it's only fitting to start this one the same. I apparently have not written on my blog here since November. That is sad and I have been thinking lately about how much I have to write about.

Here's the quick run down of life since November.

- Tony has celebrated his fifth year anniversary at his company. It's so weird to think that he has been working and out of basketball for that long. It seems like yesterday we were traveling to watch his games, enjoying Devaney on a weekly basis, and thinking about where our future would take us. Now we're living it. He still enjoys his work and the people he works with. He has been blessed in this economy to keep a job he enjoys.

- Eli has celebrated his THIRD birthday! Crazyness. I love this age. Even though I notice the mouthyness more often and the stubborn independence (which I will appreciate once his abilities match his desire to be so independent), it has been amazing to see him grow and learn and become a unique individual. His creativity has grown tremendously and both Tony and I enjoy sitting back watching his mind work as he plays. He has started some pre-school camps this summer (which he LOVES!) and will start going two days a week each week in August. It is so much fun to see him become his own person. His charm and wit is truly precious!

- We're pregnant!!! This is not new news if you know me, since I am 30 weeks tomorrow! Pretty rough first trimester, which is pretty expected I suppose. Around 6 weeks I started bleeding a little. I had myself convinced I was losing the baby and sort of detached myself emotionally from the pregnancy. I was worried that if I loved the baby too much, I might lose it and didn't want to get hurt. I thought if I stay unemotional that it would hurt less. At 6 weeks, I had an ultrasound which revealed a blood clot in my uterus but a perfectly happy and healthy baby. The blood clot is [retty common and not a big deal during the first trimester. Most of the time they disappear on their own and are only a concern if they are still present into the third trimester. I spotted on and off between 6-9 weeks. At 9 weeks I had another ultrasound which showed that the blood clot was gone! Praise God! They did notice that my placenta was low lying so they diagnosed it as "partial placenta previa" but they were convinced that as my uterus expanded, the placenta would move up with it. The dr explained it the best when he said that it's like drawing a dot on a balloon near the mouth. When the balloon is smaller, the dot is still close to the mouth but as it blows up the dot moves further from the mouth. This is what ended up happening with me and by my 12 week ultrasound it appeared to be out of the way and would cause no further problems. I started physically feeling better around 14 weeks and have been continuing to feel great since then!

At 22 weeks we discovered that the little baby growing inside me was a BOY!!! I was (am) soooo excited! I was really hoping to have another little boy. I wanted Eli to have a brother and I love the idea of having a few boys. Growing up with all girls was fun, but it's been a nice change to have a boy in the family. We are completely stuck on names but thankfully we have 10 weeks left to decide.

Unfortunately Eli's nap time is always too short so I will make it a point to actually come back soon and finish the updates! I plan on doing a bunch of posts relating to all of the new baby stuff I've been busy making!

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